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Servier Laboratories (French: Laboratoires Servier, often abbreviated to Servier) is an international pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit foundation, with its headquarters in France (Suresnes).


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Former Employee - Medical Representative says

"no life at all, always require to work even after 7pm"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay, lousy management"

Former Employee - Executive Director says

"Limited moves to top level management positions Poor comp & Ben packages"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Vertical toxic hierarchy destroys the efficiency in almost all processes. Weak management & leadership approach. An influence of several department heads on GM affects on adequate strategic decisions making process. Forgotten the cost of money. Lack of professionalism and attention to details at top management's level. Kingdom's syndrome. French touch - no development of mind is in place - too much sleepy pleasures delivered to all employee's agenda."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Low Salary, Low Incentives compared to other pharmaceutical companies -Micromanage upper management, your opinion doesn't matter much -Terrible work culture, back stabbing, gossiping, and even upper management joined in together to create sense of "fear" among the lower managements to gain "respect" and "yes man". -Newly joined are expected to go through tough time before able to blend in with the old timers as they selectively choosing the right one to form alliance. If you do not blend in, be expect to suffer. -No real innovation, just a lot of repeating detailing scheme each and every year, that will not do much in real practice - Old fashioned way of operation, managements are mostly baby boomers, having perspective that the youngsters are incompetent and useless no matter how much effort you put in. -Stressed environment where many unnecessary meetings are carried out everyday. - Three times a year company meeting eating up personal time with families - Be ready to put on a mask and blend in amidst of the gossips and dramas"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Managers aren't experienced in line management. Some aren't sure what they are doing. Processes isn't adequate"

Medical Sales Representative says

"Career progression competitive and limited. Organisation politics makes the environment tense and unpleasant to stay long term."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no innovations, declining global sales year after year closed french management circle controlling all business processes old fashion management philosophies implemented closed from people coming from outside limited career opportunities"

Project Manager says

"No clear vision No clear strategy Very old compounds on the market place No launches planned in tje next few years. Very bad HR Very bad senior management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Competitive not in a way to upgrade the people but in a way with a lot of gossip, a lack of mutual spirit, extremely high turnover"

Medical Representative (Former Employee) says

"It’s a small size company who everyone is doing everything and not organized and the promotion is always freezing."

operador produção (Former Employee) says

"Horrível. Uma porcaria Como empresa Como já trabalhei em toda minha vida"

Manutentionnaire (Former Employee) says

"Abus de faiblesse abus de confiance harcelement j'ai retrouvé ma femme en pleur car des gens embauché ne respecte pas les femmes et encore moins avec un handicape.celui ci c'est permis de la renvoyer car pas accepter ses avances . inadmissible."

Assistante de gestion (Former Employee) says

"racisme non dissimulé Cons: âge moyen vieux, pas de diversité sociale/ethnique"

Naional Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Ιδιατερα δυσκολή εταιρεία με κακό Management απαρχαιομένη κουλτούρα σε ολα τα επίπεδα. Χωρις μέλλον"

Chef de Projet en Transposition Industrielle (Former Employee) says

"J’ai passé les pires années de ma vie professionnelle chez Servier...."

Secrétariat-Standard (stage) says

"Les responsables m'ont placé au sein d'un service qui ne correspondait pas à mes attentes. Je me suis retrouvée dans une unité de production au lieu d'assister au poste de secrétaire. Je n'ai pu établir rien d'enrichissant pour mon expérience et je garde un mauvais souvenir de ce stage."

Assistante (Former Employee) says

"Je n'ai jamais vu une entreprise ou les assistantes font le tour des bureaux pour raconter leurs vies pendant 2h et quitter plus tôt que prévu. Au final, se plaignent d'avoir trop de travail et les chefs qui se mettent à faire leurs travail. Certes j'étais bien là bas mais les gens quittent la Société pour ne pas avoir à faire le travail des fainéantes. Cons: les chefs et directeurs sont aveugles et naifs"

Visiteur médical (Former Employee) says

"Communication hypocrite ....."

Med. Rep (Former Employee) says

"has good salary but bad management , i had a good experiance with servier but i had some conflect due un healthy culture based on like and dislike inviroment , they have a good training department"

Assistante bilingue anglais (Current Employee) says

"Faute d'assistante dans le service, je travaille actuellement avec 7 managers et fais le lien entre le siège et 11 filiales."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Bonne ambiance de travail au sein de l'équipe projet"

Business Development Representative (Current Employee) says

"servier is one of the best company among all and i get more in the form of knowledge and good oppertunity to earn lukrative pakages"

International Distribution Planner (Former Employee) says

"Vieille école- Management très vertical - Bonne rémunération"

assistante de direction (Former Employee) says

"Pour rentrer en CDI on fait une enquête sur vous. Vous verrez certaines assistantes venir à 8h30 faire le tour des bureaux pour raconter leurs vies et commencer à travailler vers 10H. Après ça, elles prennent du retard sur leur travail et au final les chefs font leur boulot l'archivage etc. Donc côté salaire ça va c'est raisonnable mais alors faire le boulot des fainéantes non. Voilà pourquoi pas mal de gens ne restent pas chez SERVIER"

Cadre (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise avec esprit fermée, patriarchale, contrôlante et qui ne tolère pas l'esprit critique. Licenciements très douteux juridiquement, mais surtout moralement... Cons: Soumission"

Medical Representative (Current Employee) says

"A typical day would mean that you try and call on as many customers as possible. This is why planning is so important. I've learned alot about the market and finding ways of improving access with important customers. Regular visits and reminders are crucial to the success of your products and territory. Planning and implementing meetings is something I became very good at and it contributes towards reaching your goals and targets. My co-workers are really wonderful people with excellent people skills. They are extremely dedicated and not afraid to give it everything everyday in order to be successful. I really appreciate and respect my colleagues and managers. It is not always easy to remain positive and motivated when you are in sales, but my colleagues have mastered the skill to start each new day fresh and with new enthusiasm. The best part of the job is definitely to see your sales growing and to be rewarded for all the hard work that has gone into it. Building good relationships with customers is also something I enjoy and to feel as though you really add value to their world; that is what it is all about. Being able to sell good products that may save lives is not something everyone can say and it is good to be part of that. Cons: A lot of travelling and after hour work"

Assistante département affaires réglementaires (Former Employee) says

"Environnement stressant, pas de profil de carrière pour mon poste"

Agent polyvalent dans l' industrie pharmaceutique (Former Employee) says

"Difficile pour une intérimaire"

Déléguée médicale (Former Employee) says

"Une première expérience en visite médicale au sein d'un laboratoire très exigent et laissant peu de place à l'expression de la personnalité de ses collaborateurs. Cons: Management, culture d'entreprise"

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